How to install WordPress

21Oct, 2019

Wordpress installation is very simple it can install fresher employ easily. For this first, we need to download it with the latest version from official website

Steup 1.

After download scusfully zip file in our loacal pc then we need to uzip that zip file

Step 2: Upload Files to Hosting Account

We can upload zip file to our hosting account but same hostings accounts not provide unzip option. so we can uplaod extracted files to our hosting account. for this we need to connect FTP and upload files via this.

Step 3: Create MySQL Database and User for our website

Log into cPanel.
In the Databases section, click the MySQL Database option.
1: Create A Database, and fill the database name and click the Next Step.
2: Create Database Users, and fill the database user name and password and click on Create User button.
3: Add User to the Database, click the All Privileges checkbox and click Next Step.
this steup is complete.

Note: Please save Database name, user name and password in your loacal text file.

Step 5: Run the Installation

Open a new browser window and go to the installation page to run like this bleow url:

Step 6: Last Step

On this page, fill in the fields for:
Site Name
Password (needs to be entered twice)
Email address (login information will be sent to this email address)
Select whether or not to have the search engines index the site
Click Install Now, and you should be taken to the final screen, showing the following message:

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